Local Eye Surgeon Begins Offering Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery

What is custom, blade-free, laser assisted cataract surgery?

Dr. Deborah Gess RistvedtDr. Deborah Gess Ristvedt of Alexandria Eye Clinic is the first in the area to begin offering a bladeless laser cataract removal procedure to her patients. “I have been performing cataract surgery for my patients in the local area for 4 years and am excited to offer the femtosecond laser for cataract removal. This new technology provides a more advanced manner by which to perform the procedure,” says Dr. Deborah Gess Ristvedt, Ophthalmic Surgeon at Alexandria Eye Clinic. “Our adoption of this technology is a testament to our dedication to offering the most advanced technology as an option for the patients in our community.”

Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed surgery in the United States. With the first wave of baby boomers turning 65, the number of people suffering from decreased vision due to cloudy lenses, or cataracts, is only expected to grow. That’s why a new technology offered by Alexandria Eye Clinic is so exciting.

It’s called Refractive Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery and like LASIK, it brings a new standard of precision to cataract surgery. This custom, blade-free, laser assisted cataract removal option allows the surgeons at Alexandria Eye Clinic to plan and perform cataract surgeries to exacting, individualized specifications unattainable with standard cataract surgery.

Since cataract surgery using ReLACS™ uses the laser to perform the most critical steps of cataract surgery, patients not only receive the highest precision in surgical incision but can also reduce their dependence on glasses after their surgery. “For years we have offered advanced intraocular lenses that replace the cloudy lens we remove in cataract surgery,” says Dr. Ristvedt.

“These lens options help people improve their vision at distance, at near, and even help people with astigmatism. When used in conjunction with ReLACS™, these lenses may mean freedom from glasses after cataract surgery for a group of people who remain very active for decades after their retirement.

“I am thrilled to be the first in the area to perform cataract surgery utilizing this advancement in precision and efficiency for patients throughout West Central Minnesota,” says Dr. Ristvedt. “There are no two eyes that are exactly the same, so our ability to use a laser instead of a blade to treat the growing cataract population is really exciting.”

Understanding your options

With cataract surgery numbers growing, it is important for patients suffering from cloudy or hazy vision to understand all of their surgical options, including advanced intraocular lenses using ReLACS™. That is why Alexandria Eye Clinic works so closely with Optometrists throughout the region. If you or someone you know has cloudy vision, hazy vision or glare, call or visit Alexandria Eye Clinic, or contact your local eye care provider.

Alexandria Eye Clinic, P.A. has been an Alexandria-based ophthalmology practice since 1975. Dr. Lowell Gess performed his first eye surgery at the Douglas County Hospital 40 years ago. Dr. Timothy Gess joined the practice in 1978. Dr. Deborah Gess Ristvedt joined her father in 2011 as a third generation board certified eye surgeon. Alexandria Eye Clinic, P.A. is a comprehensive ophthalmology clinic, specializing in eye surgery and comprehensive eye care. Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery and Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery are among the latest technologies being performed at the Douglas County Hospital Surgery Center. Alexandria Eye Clinic, P.A. can be contacted by calling 320-762-2166 or online at www.alexandriaeyeclinic.com.