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Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery

We now offer an exciting new technology in cataract surgery called Refractive Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery. Like LASIK, it brings a new standard of precision to cataract surgery. This new technology allows our surgeons to plan and perform cataract surgeries to exacting, customized specifications that were unattainable with standard cataract surgery.

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Alexandria Eye Clinic

Ophthalmology specializing in eye surgery and comprehensive eye care including: stichless cataract surgery, glaucoma, laser procedures, plastic eyelid procedures, eye injuries, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration treatments.

If you are experiencing any kind of eye problems, whether it be minor irritation or problems with your vision, please don't hesitate to contact us. Some eye problems need immediate attention to avoid unfortunate results. Especially if you have any loss of vision or see flashes. In that case you should see your eye doctor immediately.

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3 generations of ophthalmologists in 1 family

Family tree under 94-year old physician filled with half a dozen ocular specialists It’s not entirely unusual for a son to follow in his father’s footsteps. Lowell Gess, MD, however, has watched more than just 1 of his children— and grandchildren for that matter— join his profession. Not only did his oldest son, Timothy Gess, MD, become an ophthalmologist, ... Read more

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Common Eye Problems
Cataracts effect the lens of the eye resulting in cloudiness and blocked vision. Cataract surgery is commonly performed to replace the cloudy lens with an artificial lens to clear up vision.

Dry Eye
Symptoms include itchy or gritty feeling of the eyes. Can be treated with drops and other methods to depending on the cause.

Associated with increased pressure of the eye. May be caused by injury but also has other causes.

Retinal Problems
These include retinal detachment age related macular degeneration.

More Eye Problems